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2 - 6


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Bluff, block and buy your way to the best bargains on Black Friday

The Thanksgiving leftovers are in the refrigerator and you got Uncle Leo off the couch and out the door. Time to relax. Just kidding. Relaxing is for suckers. It's time to prepare for the most intense 24 hours of your life. There are deals to be had and complete strangers to maul if they get in the way. It's Black Friday!

In Block Friday, you will have five rounds to collect the best deals of the season. Each round, place a bargain card between each player and one directly in the middle of the playing area. To collect a bargain simply place a card down that shows you want the deal to your left, right or in the center. The catch is that if multiple people try to get the same bargain, nobody gets the deal. Smooth talk, negotiate, threaten. Do whatever it takes to figure out where people are going and try to get the best deals. You have a limited shopping budget and must pay for everything you collect. The person with the most savings at the end is the winner.

Let's go shopping!!!

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