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Number of Players.png

1 - 6


Time to Play.png

60 - 90






Winner of The Game Crafter Escape Room Contest


Get your team together to pull of the heist of the century in this escape room game


I have successfully gained employment with the Golden Casino. They have me working the floor. I’ve been able to monitor the movements of the staff and have a good idea of where the casino bosses have hid the secret vault. Given how secretive everybody is being, the loot stored in the vault must be amazing.

I bought a number of small discreet lock boxes that I am able to store around the casino. I’m going to leave a trail of breadcrumbs leading you right to the vault combo…once I figure out what that is. Just follow my clues and input the three-digit combos to the boxes and I’ll walk you right into the vault.

I have to be careful. The casino bosses may have seen me writing the other day. I think I’m in the clear, but this may be the last communication I am able to send directly. The attached postcard will help you get started.

Good luck team. I look forward to meeting you at the rendezvous point to split the loot. Until then, my next shift is starting and Nancy working Keno is not somebody to tick off.


Game Summary

Casino Heist is an escape room game where you and your team follow the lead of your inside guy, Eddie, working as part of the staff at Golden Casino. Follow his cryptic trail to get to the vault and rob the casino blind. Try to solve all the puzzles and get out of the casino with the contents of the vault while the casino bosses have their monthly meeting. Each time you guess wrong, you may be hit with a penalty that’ll be added to your score. You can also get hints, but they will hurt your score.

How to Play

In the game, you are given a series or postcards with clues to unlock a lock box with the next postcard inside. Some lock boxes as well as the initial package Eddie sends you have some playing cards in them to help. When you think you know the combo to the lock box you take the solver cards for the three digit number of the combo and place them together to reveal a two digit look-up code that will be located in the solver book. If you guess correctly the entry in the manual will direct you to the next puzzle, if you guess incorrectly, you will likely have to draw a poker chip.

If you need a hint along the way, there are hint pages at the back of the solver book. The first hint you get will force you to draw one yellow poker chip, the second forces you to draw one red poker chip and if you just plain give up and want the solution you draw two red poker chips.

Once you get through all the puzzles, stop the timer and see your time. You then add 1 minute to your time for each yellow poker chip you have and 2 minutes for every red poker chip you have.

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