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The bowling dice game that's write up your alley.

It’s been a long week. Time to unwind and head to the lanes. It’s league night and you’re ready knock down some pins at the local bowling alley.

League Night: Bowl & Write takes the world's oldest roll & write game and brings it to your game table. Play alone or with up to six bowlers. Best of all, you don't need to rent shoes that have been in circulation since the '70s. Get yourself a copy today.

The Base Rules

Roll the dice and try to get ten pins in one or two rolls to get a strike. Roll over ten pins? Great, you got a spare. Get fewer than ten pins in two rolls and get an open frame. If you're feeling lucky, re-roll a roll up to three times using your karma. Highest score after ten frames is the winner.

Need a Change of Pace?

Add Bumpers

Add bumpers to push that pin count even higher. The bumper die allows you to swap out any other die for the bumper die, which guarantees a roll of one or two pins. Bumpers are also great to use when playing with younger players.

Use Body English

Add a little body english to your roll to give that little extra bump of luck towards getting a strike. If you aren't striking a pose with that tenth pin teetering, you aren't trying. Roll the body english die when you get a total of nine or eleven and you might just bump your total to a strike.

Personal Balls

Master the base game and ready to add a personal touch to your bowling experience? Add a personal ball die to replace one of the house ball dice. Each personal ball die has nine pins on all sides combined but in a different distribution from the rest.

Mix and Match

Add in as many or few modules as you'd like. A night on the lanes has never been so much fun.

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