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Three games queued up for crowd funding.

Sporktopia Games is working on getting three games ready for crowd funding.

League Night: Bowl and Write is a dice-based bowling themed game.  Players roll 5 dice up to two times and try to make a total of 10 pins to get a strike.  Rolls over 10 count as spares and anything less is an open frame.  Scoring matches standard bowling scoring.

The dice are custom dice with varying numbers of pins on each side.  There are also options to add bumpers, body english and personal bowling balls, all with their own custom dice.  The options are able to be added together or separately to allow you to play how you find most fun and provide catchup options for younger players.  

This is likely the first game up for a crowd funding campaign and likely coming this fall.

The next game is Trick, Trick, Flip a trick taker game where players compete over point cards and try to get the highest score.  The twist is that each point card has two opportunities to score, but if you win both spots on the card or win a single spot with the other spot empty, the card flips and you score the opposite amount of points.  So for example if you win both sides of a 2 point card, you will get -4 points for your now two -2 spots.

The third game is You Got Watched, a one-versus-many game where one player is the watch dealer who is trying to sell a watch to all of the other players.  The players trying to avoid buying a watch have a hand of cards that the watch dealer is trying to get them to discard.  They do this by matching symbols in an offered watch with those in the players' hands.  If a player runs out of cards they purchase a watch.  If the dealer gets everybody to run out of cards before they run out of watches they win, otherwise the winner is the player with the most cards remaining.

Keep an eye out for more details on these games.


Hamsterdam funded. Games on TTS.

Hamsterdam successfully funded on Kickstarter and all copies have been delivered.  Thanks to everybody who backed.  

I've uploaded a lot of games to Tabletop Simulator since the pandemic hit.  If you have TTS subscribe to these games and check them out:

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League Night: Bowl and Write -

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Hamsterdam -

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