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Throw Your Supporters On and Throw Your Rivals Off

Time to Play.png
Number of Players.png

2 - 6


30 - 60





They came from another dimension. In the blink of an eye, the monsters came into existence and tore through cities, towns, mountains, anything that got in their way. Then, they were gone. It's almost as if they were never here, except their trail of destruction is a reminder that can't be ignored.

A few years passed without seeing them and people breathed a sigh of relief, but then the monsters returned. Now each of them seems to be trying to establish turf on our planet. Apparently, their brief stay years ago was pleasant enough that they decided to stick around this time. The media made an attempt to name them to better track their individual locations and destruction, but left it up to the viewers which was not the best idea. So the world is going to heck and we are trembling at the hands of Monstery McMonsterface, Fluffy, Daenerys, Mr. Smashy Pants, Colbeart Nation-Destroyer and Khaaaaaaaan!!!!!!. Monstery McMonsterface, seriously? Needless to say, society has collapsed.

While all the sane people have drifted off to insanity or worse, people have begun taking sides in this monster battle. Fan clubs have popped up in the cities of the world hoping to join the territory of their favorite monster. It's Stockholm Syndrome on a global scale.

In Apocalyptic Attraction, you are the leader of a fan club trying to attract your favorite monster to your city to claim it as part of it's territory. You roll out the red carpet for your monster by claiming control of the structures in your city that appeal to your monster's favorite emotions. Yeah go figure, inter-dimensional beings feed off the emotions of humans. Your rivals are trying to do the same. Take control of buildings in the city by tossing meeples representing your supporters onto the city. Score points for controlling buildings that churn out your monster's favorite emotions and lose points if you take control of buildings your monster hates. It's important to know your enemy when you enter a battle, even one as crazy as this, so try to figure out your rival's monster and score points for that as well. The person with the highest score successfully lures their monster to the city and gets to revel in the horrific destruction that follows.

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