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Number of Players.png

1 - 2


Time to Play.png

30 - 60








A tabletop and online adventure to save the world for 1-2 heroes.

In a faraway land, a hero awakens to find the world has changed. The peaceful world seems somehow less peaceful. Word arrives of a corrupting force that has unleashed havoc. Fertile lands turned to sand, animals of the woods growing large and evil and the hearts of mankind being corrupted with power. Signs of this corruption manifest across the land in the form of black splotches. Could this be the work of Tulo Tulodon banished so long ago? Can he be stopped before it’s too late?

Grit is played over a series of games. There's no set path you absolutely need to take to reach the end, so your campaign length will vary. Will you try to explore every inch of the world or crash the end game? Save your progress after each game or a series of games and pick it up at a later time.

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