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2 - 99


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A game that removes all ambiguity in your other game's corner cases

Got a game with a lame start player selection method or none at all? Play Contested and choose your first player using skill, determination and tactile strategy. Four-hour session of a brain-burning, Euro, 4X war game end in a tie? Play Contested and be able to rub the win in your friend's face for years to come. Rules ambiguity? Contested. Where's the next game night? Contested. Play it anywhere any time you need an answer. This game can even be used to break a tie in the Phase Shift Dimensions Challenge.

Contested is a game in the model of a radio talk show contest where participants must keep their hand on a car to win the prize (usually the car, but in this case it could be anything). If you need to find a first player for your game, then the last person to take their hand off the car is the first player. You could also keep track of when people took their hand off to set player order. If there's a tie at the end of a game, have the tied players hold their hand on the car and the last one to take their hand off wins.

It's simple to play, but as the time ticks, the shift from simple fun to moral dilemma creeps in as you weigh how much getting your way versus getting on with the day matters. Contested could take a few minutes or a few hours depending on which egos go head to head.

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