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The Minnesota set-collecting

way to play Duck, Duck, Goose

Summer in Minnesota is like nothing else. Water isn't a solid, things are green, Uncle Sven's ice house is at the bottom of the lake near the cabin and the ducks and loons have returned to their home. It's time to get a closer look at our feathered friends by leaving some bread crumbs out to lure a flock to your cabin dock.

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck is a set-collection game where you must move, swap, flip and rotate your way to the best group of ducks on the pond. You know two bonuses right away, but whittle down the options until two more bonus cards are chosen. The person with the most points and bonuses wins.

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck is the Minnesota name for the popular childhood game Duck, Duck, Goose. The mechanics of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck work similarly to the children's game in that you choose a target and then place your chosen card into the slot they are leaving. Take the card you targeted and do its action to mess up the board a little for the other player or set yourself up for a move on your next pick. Players will alternate picks until there are only two cards left. Those two will be used for their bonuses and join the original two set aside.

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck is for two players, although multiple sets can be combined to accommodate a larger group.

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