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Winners don't do drugs; they sell more of them

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2 - 6


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Kingpin is a game of dominating the underground drug supply network for 2 to 6 players. You control a substantial supply of your "product" and want to get it to "market" and make a ton of money. The problem is so do your competitors. 

Players roll dice to determine which actions they will take for their turns. The bigger your network, the more dice you get to roll. Your job is to get as many Hits from your suppliers into the hands of the Junkies lining the streets. To get an extra leg up the competition you can hire the services of Regulators, Cops and Hit Men or acquire protection from a higher power. {Not that high}

Build the best network and you'll be a Kingpin in no time.

{This is the 2nd edition of this game. It has been modified from the original release in 2010 to include better graphics, incorporates some of the new additions to The Game Crafter arsenal and a few rules changes to improve game play including the expanding actions mechanic and balancing of the Special Cards.}

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