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1 - 6


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A dice-rolling dexterity game where you get to see how you stack up with the competition

In the big city, the sky is the limit and the world is your canvas. Few dare to push boundaries to the breaking point. You are one of those few, dear gamer. But dreams have to be forged in reality, and your reality is that you are broke. Your city won’t give you a permit to build if you don’t grease the wheels a little with the friendly local construction families…er, firms. To reach your dreams you’ll need to provide favors for the six controlling mafia families to gain construction materials and hope your hard work doesn’t come tumbling down. The sky is the limit, here you come!

Skyscrappers is a dice-rolling dexterity game where players roll dice and place them to try to get the best collection of building materials. After collecting materials for three rounds, players have a minute to attempt to build the tallest skyscrapper possible.

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